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Monday, May 9, 2011

Petition Congress to stop funding the IMF which spreads socialism!

The IMF is a very powerful tool used to spread Socialism.  It takes money from US Taxpayers and distributes it to foreign governments who then use it to create more government programs.


  1. I guess I am not sure how the IMF works. So like any person who isn't educated on the IMF, What does it do and how does it do it? The reason I ask is because when I look at the IMF website, it looks like it is a global payday advance for countries trying to pay their bills. Am I over simplifing it, or is it just that?

  2. Yes, so basically the IMF was modeled after our own Federal Reserve Cartel. The US is one of the biggest funding sources of the IMF. The World Bank makes loans to 3rd world countries (because they have such great credit right?) When the loans go bad, the IMF steps in and guarantees the loans. The loans from the world bank are not given to citizens or businesses, rather to corrupt government officials, who use it to build socialist infrastructure, nationalize industries and build lavish palaces. It has turned productive (but not wealthy) countries into needy countries that can no longer feed themselves. It's because of the world bank and the IMF that we are inundated with those ads showing starving kids all over the world, and I'm frankly sick of it all. If we'd stick to trading with other nations instead of creating dependent welfare states, everyone would be FAR better off! If you want to learn more, read "The Creature from Jekyll Island" - it's a phenomenal book that simply explains everything we were told was too complicated for the average person to understand.


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